Day sixteen – letter

Dear NaPoWriMo

I’m halfway through the month, at last, but here’s a heartfelt plea: throw in some open options, please! I’m sure it’s not just me, but I’m such a lazy writer and I struggle to keep track, so when you throw a curveball in, it really knocks me back.

Forms are quite a challenge, longer lines as well, and I confess – sea shanties are my idea of hell! Alliteration bugs me, likewise repetition, not to mention villanelles and similar propositions.

So why do you take part each year? I almost hear you ask. Because I need to push myself and I relish every task, even if I find them difficult, at least they make me write and I get such satisfaction when I can post each night.

I’m sorry for my mithering and I’ll stick with it, whatever. I’m sure I’ll still be struggling, but we’ll see it through together. To write a poem every day is a wonderful aspiration, and the prompts are not always my cup of tea but they spark my imagination.

Yours gratefully,


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