Day two, recipe – catching up slowly!

Well it;s the fifth and I have just managed to complete day two but I’m on my way! I’m not keen on the ‘Take a pound of kindness, sprinkle it with love…’ type of recipe poems and I haven’t the headspace to be very imaginative at the moment, so I have just gone with good old rhyming couplets.

I know it’s cheesy (in more ways than one), but it’s another big tick in the catch-up box so I’ll take it.


What to make for tea tonight? I haven’t got a clue –
I root around the fridge a bit, to find a feast for two.
An onion and some peppers, well past their ‘best-by’ dates,
I cut off all the manky bits – there’s too much left to waste.
Pasta, herbs, tomatoes are the cupboard’s contribution
and the freezer holds the final key to my teatime solution:
an icy lump of Quorn mince will ‘beef’ it up a treat
so in less than half an hour, the magic is complete.
With a bit of flair, two bubbling pans of comfort food await
and here’s a rind of Parmesan, with just enough to grate.
We’ve had our fill, but still I’ve got a portion for the freezer.
You just can’t beat a good Spag Bol – the ultimate crowd pleaser.


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