Day three – elegy (ooh, that rhymes)

So I have managed to fit two poems in (so far!) today which brings me in reach of catching up, with a bit of luck and maybe a haiku or two… (and the rhymes keep coming)

So an elegy then, that’s cheery. I went round the houses a few times with this. I’m not really a cathartic/personal writer, in the main, so I didn’t want to go there. I don’t really have many standout heroes, in terms of famous or historical figures so that was out too. Equally it seemed wrong to write an elegy for someone who is still alive or to make someone up!

I then chanced upon a play on words – thinking of an elegy written in a country churchyard and that set me off. I went to trace my family tree and the main church that our family frequented had been deconsecrated and turned into a conference centre, which was rather disappointing and desperately sad.

Here goes anyway…

Elegy written for a country churchyard

The ancient yew is dying now,
stretching solemn shadows
over the sacred ground,
while all around
silent angels weep.
Stacked against flint walls,
their alabaster tears
no longer fall
for the forgotten souls.
Once tender tributes,
now trampled underfoot,
epitaphs litter
untrodden paths.
The consecrated earth
absorbed each narrative,
the quiet spaces
would give comfort, succour,
but now it’s only fit
for parking cars.



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