Day four – riddle me this

We’re going great guns now – I have so got this. Hopefully, with the wind behind me, I can wrote two tomorrow and catch up at last.

So the fourth challenge was to write a riddle poem, without naming the thing so, in a rather pointless twist, I will put the answer at the end. It would have been an appropriate title but defeat the object somewhat. On the other hand you, the reader, won’t know if the poem actually works if you can’t guess it…

Duly set up for failure, here goes:


It’s the vehicle bearing down on you
the whisper from behind
the shadow in your darkest night
the peace you just can’t find
the jigsaw piece you’re missing
the stone inside your shoe
the something that you can’t define
the final missing clue
the hanging Sword of Damocles
the light that just went out
the curse of insecurity
the thirst that follows drought
the wind that turns, brings stormy weather
the pain, the scar, you bear forever

Answer: Guilt



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