Day One – hurrah! Three more to catch up…)

I was really looking to NaPoWriMo this tear and (buoyed up by last year) was pretty confident that I would keep up.

Epic fail day one (2,3 and 4…)!

Ah well, at least I’ve put my toe in the water and made a start at last. Just need to play catch up now – not easy, especially as it’s my birthday week but hey, I just need to get writing and stop whining!

Day one was the short, sharp  lines thing with an animal and a philosophical thought. Hmmm, well one/two out of three ain’t bad! Nice to be on board, hopefully back soon:


Home to roost

I stayed too long,

waiting for you.

I guess you knew I would,

but some good

actually came from it.

I know you won’t care,

but a sudden whirring

stirred the air.

Looking skyward

in anticipation,

suddenly a murmuration

filled the sky.

Sinuous shapes

formed and re-formed,

swarming birds moved as one,

warmed by a tired sun.

Unity in action,

each had their role,

a shared goal,

harmony of purpose.

It ended too soon

(the story of my life!)

But, for now,

I think I’ll be all right.

I turn off my phone,

Walk home alone.


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