Manchester remembers

Was so proud recently that my poem, Manchester, was chosen by BBC Radio Manchester for their 20th year bomb commemoration broadcast.

They made a video (sadly with typo from years ago – I’m a grammar pedant!)

It was voiced by people who were involved in the events of the day.

Was invited to the broadcast and it was a great honour.

But here’s a thing:

  • I understand that the internet throws up many problems in protecting copyright, and I am certainly not precious about things (heaven knows there’s no money involved!!!) but was disappointed to find my poem online recently, with a new introduction added and zero acknowledgement. I know it’s been used on blogs/profiles before and I’m ok with that, it’s also been used by a Uni and tv (with permission) and read as part of a tour, but trying to pass  it off as your own is a step too far. 

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