Day 27 – long lines

I am a bit disturbed about how television seems to be informing/inspiring my writing lately!

I lapsed a bit behind yesterday so I am only doing a short one, with long lines, if that actually makes any sort of sense? Also, I  tend to err on the side of brevity, so this one is quite a challenge for me.

Curiously I found I had made myself a note on Tuesday night, while watching Bake Off: Creme de la Creme, which said “geometric petits gateaux”. Yes, I really am that sort of person!!!!

Anyway, I used that as a starting point and here’s the sweet, but perfectly formed, result:
Crème de la crème

Et voila! Observe the pastry chefs, as they carefully assemble geometric petits gateaux.
Every one exquisite: decoration quite precise, presented perfectly,side by side. Just so.
Next, they craft a croquembouche – a golden Tour Eiffel, magnificent and soaring.
But their showcase, a sweet retelling of Dante’s nine circles of hell, was judged too boring!


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