Day 25 (caught up!!) – borrowing

Hurrah, I am back on track and there is less than a week to go! (she says, setting herself up for a fall…)

I never cease to be amazed at what my head/fingers write when I approach some of these challenges. I often look back at them later and can’t remember/believe that I have written some of them – that’s why I really love to do NaPoWriMo, even though it can be quite overwhelming at times.

I borrowed a line from a Simon Armitage poem that I didn’t know and didn’t read beforehand. It was called ‘About His Person’. Having read it afterwards it felt quite ‘Mr Bleaney’ whereas mine has a slightly obsessive/sinister undertone in some respects, but hopefully also retains a bit of a love story feel. The line I chose was “planted there like a spray carnation”. I really love Simon Armitage’s poetry so I am glad I went for this.



He stood silently
by the gate, planted there
like a spray carnation in a rain shower,
Through the nets
all day I watched him,
saw him grow sodden
as the light failed.
At midnight
I parted the blind, to find him
stark in streetlight,
Dawn drew me,
stale, blinking
I grabbed a coat,
keys, ran
to where I knew
he would still be waiting



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