Day 21 – myth retold

The challenge was to retell a myth or fairy tale from another character’s point of view.This has taken me so long to do and it’s pretty rubbish – sorry! Just trying to catch up again so I’m posting it anyway.  Nuff said.

So my dad was like, “You have to watch
the latest tributes coming to the docks”
and I was, like, meh??? But then
there he stood, this hunk, Theseus,
ripped torso glistening in the sun.
He said he was a prince, a proper sort,
and I’m a princess, so we’re mint, I thought
but then it all kicked off and I went crazy
when it turned out dad was sending
him into the goddam maze!
The lush hunk of beefcake I ever saw
and dad was feeding him to the Minotaur!
For the first time, it was time to use my head,
so I bribed the guards and smuggled him some thread.
Long story short – he tied it to the door,
found the bull and killed it with his sword,
then, bronzed with manly sweat, finally
followed the string right back to *swoon* me!
I’d like to say it ended happily,
but I snoozed, he lost, and sailed on his way.


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