Day Sixteen – Almanac List

So here we are, still playing catch up, limping to day sixteen and just over halfway through NaPoWriMo. I wasn’t sure where to start with this one but I had (not entirely sure why) been thinking a lot about fish lately – mackerel specifically. Being a veggie it was purely about appearance, I might add!

Having started to look at the prompt questions I decided that might be the way forward. Once again, the title eludes me…


Fish are worshipped here:
iridescent deities
sequinned and bejewelled
gliding celestially
through our pelagic world.
We drift on strange tides
drawn to their sanctity
unerring wisdom
and shimmering tolerance.
Uninhibited and holy
our gods glow
peacock-hued, majestic
slicing, knife-like
through the crimson tide
while we, the clumsy few,
slowly drown.


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