Day Seventeen – technical dictionary

Heaven knows why, but I chose an online dictionary of engineering terms for this challenge. I tried to start several times but wasn’t feeling it. Eventually I imagined some sort of futuristic world and things seemed to fit together better, even though it’s all complete nonsense!

One more to catch up – whoopee!

I have italicised the terms I lifted:

Law of Partial Pressure

The bending moment passed without a sigh,
left us high and dry, set down on negative ground.
If only we had maintained a sensible heat,
the cascade systems that flushed us from our hideout
might not have activated the extraction of our life steam,
triggering the abrasive erosion of our very souls.
We knew the risks, that kissing between duals
was outlawed by the Mercaptan, could only yield stress.
Resist duress, delay the change of state.
Stop your sour water weeping!
Demand control.


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