Day fourteen – san san

Oh yes – another day, another mathematical equation in words! Having had a busy few days I have slipped behind again, so will endeavour to catch up a bit, between lesson planning etc.

I am really not sure about some forms, like this one, but I tried. It’s late but it has been completed. Sometimes you can get very happy accidents and sometimes it reads like a car crash.I leave it to you to decide!
Reverently, slipping like dragon’s tears through caves of ice,
we fled, like pilgrims, towards the brightening sky.
A new day viewed, as though through dragon’s tears,
brighter skies grant redemption, at any price.
We fled the ice caves, offered joyful cries
of thanks for brighter skies, salvation.
The dragon’s iced tears fell, crystallized our fears
within the lustre of creation.


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