Day Twelve – Index Poem

I have surprised myself this morning. Having had to get up early in case my replacement phone arrives, I settled down to the challenge before breakfast.

Should do this more often as there are fewer distractions (apart from Ollie from Years and Years on Lorraine – love him/them!) and my brain is fresher.

Anyway, index poems. I had three issues of Dream Catcher magazine (26, 28 and 29) on my shelves so I flicked through the poem title listings and picked out a few that I liked, then cherry picked some others to link them together in some kind (!!?) of order. These are all other people’s poem titles, then, but with my punctuation and capitalisation.



On the bus
leaving Edinburgh,
watching the Robin.
Winter is coming.
Fish out of wood
naked in the bus queue.
The lead thieves
inside the market,
and in the wind, a whirligig.
Tempus fugit.
first winter without the dog,
cleaning out the wardrobe.
The aunt I never met,
silk stockings,
from the past.
My life is spent containing things.


One thought on “Day Twelve – Index Poem

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