Day nine – rather later than planned!

Oh dear, so life got in the way again. Managed to get really bogged down with the prompt as my head was elsewhere, I’m afraid. As a result I am just going to post something and move on – nothing to see here! Didn’t ant to  miss or post out of order, if possible.

May return to the ‘write something you’re afraid to write’ prompt at a later date (or I may swerve it altogether, frankly…)

Okay so I went with cheese instead, not sure why. Onto the next.


Cheese Please 

I’m totally obsessed with cheese, it fills my heart with joy,
From a crumbly Caerphilly to a ripe Piè d’Angloys
I’d eat them all, from dawn to dusk, on crackers or on bread,
Raw or melted, sliced or chunked, or standing on my head!

You can’t beat grilled Halloumi or toasted Lancashire,
Or, for a sweeter nibble, some Jarlsberg or Gruyere.
A lovely orange Mimolette or Stilton with Digestives,
And maybe Wensleydale with cranberries, if I’m feeling festive.

So do I want profiteroles, pavlova, petits fours?
No thanks, just pass the cheese board – I’ll have a little more.


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