Day Seven – Tritina (oh no…)

Well, here’s a thing. It was my birthday today so I didn’t have too much time to be writing complex little numbers like this! I am not really a fan of the contrived poetry form because I think of it as word sudoku, more or less.

That said, I have managed to finish one and it is what it is.  Anyone who has read my blog before will know that I love the sea, so it was a natural place for me to turn for inspiration. I have edited it quite a lot as I went along, but still not sure quite what it says, hence lack of title!


A sudden impulse drew me to the sea,
bid me skip my dreams across the waves
toward the golden promise of the moon.

I sat here once, beneath that fickle moon,
my joys reflected in the sparkling sea
and borne, like flotsam, on the lapping waves.

Tonight I’m battered by relentless waves,
agitated by an absent moon,
completely inundated by the sea.

I am the sea, with waves I bind the moon.




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