Day six – in my element!





Day Six and the prompt was food, so as I am a food blogger for Bolton Live, I was in my element here! I had recently blogged about making an amazing spiced potato and lentil pie by Luis Troyano.

Frankly, my poem doesn’t do it justice I’m afraid, being quite ‘to the point’, as it not only looked beautiful but tasted great too. I recommend it wholeheartedly tastewise, but it does need chutney or a sauce as it is very carb heavy!


My, my, amazing pie!

First fry some onion with plenty of spice,

then add potato, quite evenly diced.

Boil up some lentils, until they are soft,

chop coriander and mix up the lot.

Leave it to chill for an hour or so,

then turn to making a hot water dough.

Roll it out thinly and then line your tin,

spoon in the filling, packing it in.

Pop on a top crust and seal as you go,

bake it quite gently, for an hour or so.

Decorate nicely, with flowers galore,

wash with an egg and then bake it some more.

Leave it to cool and for flavours to blend,

enjoy it with chutney and share it with friends.



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