Day Four (at last)

So here’s a thing. My Facebook memory today was from two years ago, and I had been out for a birthday meal (it’s tomorrow) and also mentioned that I was three days behind on NaPoWriMo – nothing changes, eh?

Anyway, had a few family issues that have knocked me off track so trying to catch up before I go into Uni this afternoon (2-9, deep joy!)

As a result I just picked on a month to write about – no particular gripes with May really, but it did the trick. Onward and upward.


Poor May

It doesn’t have pancakes or showers,

the promise of chocolate or eggs,

it’s too warm for snuggly jumpers

but too cold for baring your legs.

There’s no decorations or presents,

it has all of its fun on one day.

In fact, it seems like the beigest of months,

perhaps we should rename it ‘Meh!’


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