Day Five, heirloom plants no less!

Well, the heirloom vegetables went down a strange route.

Not sure what was going on with this and I have really struggled with it, but hey – it’s finished at least. Nearly up to date now! Think it probably speaks for itself – the capitals mostly indicate the tomato varieties included and they tail off as the poem goes on.

The Arkansas Traveller
The inscrutable Earl of Edgecombe sipped his Black Brandywine,
The meanest man in Cherry Falls, the title fitted fine.
He watched, as German Johnson sidled through the door,
Their Big Beef clearly on his mind, his pistol set to draw.
The New Girl in town, called Indigo Rose, ran between the two
“Don’t do it, Big Boy!” she cried out “I’ll give him up for you”.
But German pushed her roughly, “You get outta town.
I’ve come for this Bloody Butcher and I ain’t backing down.”
Suddenly a shot rang out and German hit the ground
A sticky pool of Scarlet Red, spreading all around.
A momentary silence fell inside the room,
The Earl looked on at Indigo, appearing through the gloom,
A smoking pistol in her hand, contemptuous lip curled.
“He ain’t touching me no more. You comin’ with me Earl?”



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