Day Three – fan letter

So this is very possibly one of my worst nightmares… had to go down the humorous route to get a grip on this! I thought maybe I could use references to song titles/lyrics, musical etc. which led to it being a bit contrived, but hey, who cares – was a bit of fun. See what you can spot!

I do love Boy George and always have done, even when he didn’t seem to be the nicest person in the world. I am so glad he’s back and seems to have got a grip on everything. It’s not brilliant, but I have caught up – yay! Onward and upward.


Love ya, George!

I’ve waited here for hours,
Oh, please don’t move away.
Do you really want to hurt me?
I’ll tumble 4 ya, any day.

I prayed for a little guidance at
the church of the poisoned mind
and even though this love’s taboo
I know you’ll miss me blind.

You’re always reinventing –
a karma chameleon,
from excessive and flamboyant
to Buddhist and vegan.

I just wanna be loved a bit
and you’re my perfect choice.
It’s a miracle you’re back again
as a mentor on The Voice.

So here I came to the Stage Door
and at your feet I fell,
so please don’t make me a victim –
the victims, we know them so well.


One thought on “Day Three – fan letter

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