WooHoo (with some trepidation…) NaPoWriMo 2016!

Well it’s back and so am I – well, already behind by day two, but nonetheless on board. Can’t believe how much has changed in the last year, in my personal life, and wonder whether any of the experiences will colour/inform my challenge? Never consider myself a cathartic poet but inevitably something of me must go into my poems I suppose.

So prompt number one is the lune. Like last year I plan to be quite kind to myself but do my level best to stick with the prompts when I can. So 5-3-5 syllables to play with, not much.

Let’s do this thing!!

My first attempt is about the challenge itself. May try to do more, either separate or linked, and add them after.

It’s NaPoWriMo


Poetry to go!

Oh, wrote another while I was at it:

Summer days stretched like

lazy dogs,

somnolent, content.



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