Day Thirty – Bottom to top poem

Okay so the final (awwww!) challenge is to write a poem from the bottom to the top. New one for me.
I would like to say thank you again to those who have bothered to follow my progress, have dipped in once or twice or stumbled across one of my poems by accident. These poems are something akin to workshop poems, because of the prompt and time restraints, so a wee bit different to what I would choose to write.
Nevertheless I have really enjoyed the challenge this year and I have surprised myself with some of my responses. It has certainly sometimes been tricky – wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy!

For all of you who have completed this challenge as well, or just managed a few poems, I say – Yay!!! Go us!!! Congratulations to everyone and I hope you keep your writing going, I am genuinely going to try.
Today I thought that, in the spirit of the thing, I should begin with the end. To try and order things a bit I decided (albeit randomly) to stick with a two-word line length. Go figure!

It’s been
a blast!
Poems pulled,
like teeth,
from nowhere.
Meanwhile, everywhere,
the past
echoes around
virtual spaces,
resonating clearly.
Our words
are merely
vessels, conduits,
for our
imperfect perceptions.
May dawns,
striding athletically
towards a
new beginning,
while we
(the writers)
limp slowly
to a
joyful and
very satisfying


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