Day Twenty Nine – review poem

Penultimate (yes, it is a great word) day! What will I do with myself in May???
Ooh does that count as my poem? Nice try but suppose I should show willing. Especially as this gets me up to date – yippee!
Now I’ve just seen that it’s Poetry in Your Pocket Day tomorrow – I shall have to take a couple into work and bother people with them randomly.
Okay, so finally got there. I have just read The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, following all the hype. Found it hard to get into at first but then it grew on me, though it was not the kind of novel I would tend to choose, so I thought it would be interesting to have a go at a review of it for this prompt.

The Miniaturist
A parallel life plays out
in miniature,
each piece placed
as fate dictates.
Loves, lies and death
prowl the shadows,
whisper hedonistic hymns
to the faithful.
Angry cries at night,
icy mists, denial.
One damned soul
broken, hope gone
summoned by
the sirens’ song.


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