Day Twenty – things I know (or not!)

This one took longer than expected, because I found it hard to find a structure I was happy with. It is what it is – one down, one to go!

I know…

I know how to cook most things, without a recipe book,
but I’m a vegetarian and don’t want to taste them.

I know how to speak French, Spanish, some Arabic and Greek,
but go abroad so seldom that I forget, and waste it.

I know all the words of Shakespeare’s famous balcony scene,
but I’m not so sure that I believe in love at first sight.

I know how to use, and teach, the latest technology
but I don’t how electricity turns on a light.

I know that writing to a prompt can be a big no-no,
but it’s a big part of the challenge of NaPoWriMo!


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