Day Seventeen – social media poem

Okay, put the terzanelle on ice for a while and decided to try and get past my block by trying a different prompt. As this is about assembling something from my social media accounts into something approaching an interesting montage that sort of holds together, I think it’s more do-able! After all the material is there for the taking already. NB obviously it’s from today, rather than the day it should have been.
Weird, but hey, what do you expect?!!

#April 18th
My next book is about cleaners
with cartoon ribbon cleavage
Meanwhile 9th May girls still in cages on death row,
watching Mr Michael Ball,
feeling like Nun City SUICIDE.
I made shirts for these men,
home-made malted bread,
supplied infected eye drops.
Adam Ant
blessing me right now
happy on Record Store Day.
In other news,
Operation Patio update:
this is not a piece of pizza!


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