Day Fifteen – what a difference a day makes…

Day Fifteen – poem to a poem

Feel like something of a cracked record but…
classic case of one of those prompts I struggle massively with. Tried to do this several times over, not happy with any of the attempts and have got to the point where I just need to end up with something I can live with, if not feel satisfied with! Spent all evening on this, can’t think of a title (too tired) and still a day behind with a very tricky prompt to work with next. Ah well, it’s the weekend so there may be light at the end of the tunnel

You are my words and I gave life to you:
limerick and sonnet, blank verse and haiku.
I see the way you challenge, fight the rhyme I seek,
attempt to avoid alliteration,
see yourself in personification,
try, in vain, to balance the oblique.

I offer you similes, soft as a feather,
Work you, like hide, to a form – softened leather
That holds, in a verse shape: intrigues and delights.
Then, bang! The shock of onomatopoeia,
clashing, bashing, loud in my ear.
Those words, no longer mine, have taken flight.


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