Day fourteen – a little less conversation

Day Fourteen and the challenge today is to write a dialogue. Did I say I really didn’t like the riddle prompt yesterday? Guess what – I dislike this one more!
As we are nearly halfway through (yay!!!) I would like to say hi and thank you sincerely to all those who have taken time to visit this blog and read my ramblings. Also good luck to all those who are also putting themselves through the torture of this challenge – I promise that I will try and return the favour this weekend and check out some of your sites. It’s a pleasure I’ve largely denied myself due to time constraints up till now.
Oh dear, I tried to put it off a bit longer and I’ve agonised for 24 hours, but feel no more kindly disposed.
First I did a rubbish limerick, then pushed myself to try a final poem. Meh! It needs work but I’m a day behind and I’m afraid I don’t feel I want to waste time on this – sorry!
Will catch up tomorrow, with luck.

I wrote up my poetry blog,
the challenge: to write dialogue.
I just couldn’t do it,
decided “Oh screw it,
my mind is just filling with fog.”
I know that you’re listening.
Why won’t you give a hand?
Well, you’re the one who calls the shots,
So help me understand
Just what it is you’re after,
Then maybe we can talk.
Oh, typical. Don’t bother!
Just help me out, or walk.
Oh ha, ha ha! You’re funny.
Though, do you see me laugh?
Your challenge is quite risible,
Since we are indivisible.
But we should work together,
towards our common goal.
I think you’re trying to take control,
just like you always do,
and I would, frankly, take a hike
were I not part of you!


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