Day Ten – Abacedarian

Day Ten calls for an Abecedarian poem. Erm, okay.
This one isn’t so complex but could easily get a bit contrived. Feel a bit obliged to go for something fairly traditional, but might hesitate at twee. We shall see. (accidental rhyme)
May have to plump for a subject, to give me a way forward, or may just jump in and go with the letters. Let’s see!!

Okay, managed to finish it but, as expected it came out of nowhere and went kind of where the constraints led it. Not my best, but I did it.

How Many Kinds…

Aphids, sawfly,
Beetles, slugs, snails and
Caterpillars are hell-bent on
Every scrap of emergent
Foliage in my urban
Horrendously persistent
Infestations, that
Justify frequent
Killing sprees:
Marked by clouds of
Noxious fumes, frequently found floating
Over my tiny patch of
Potential paradise.
Quashing bug invasions is an art. It
Requires planning, strategy, persistence, resilience and
Shedloads of chemicals.
Toxic, bare concrete surrounds me,
Utopia it will, sadly, never be.
Valhalla even had a golden tree!
When I dream, I dream a sea of greenery:
Xeronema, gerbera, lavender,
Yellow iris, freesia, spikes of gladioli,
Zinnia, crocosmia and fuchsia.
I crave the glowing colours I spy, reflected in a compound eye…


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