Day Seven – Money

Day Seven  and we had to write about money/value/worth

Oh rats, not feeling this at all so may be tempted to swerve this one! I haven’t looked back at last year (or 2013) but I have to say this prompt sounds familiar. It doesn’t speak to me at all…
Okay so two days later than planned, I have started to let this beat me.
Once I started to get song lyrics and rhythms running through my head, I had, with a brief apology, to run with this ‘homage’ to Huey Lewis!

The Power of Cash
Material wealth is a relative thing,
Makes one man weep, makes another man sing.
Can change your status from treasure to trash,
More than just lifestyle, that’s the power of cash.

We all need money, don’t need no fame.
Only a credit card can light the flame
Of wanting, and of taking, and of needing more
And it’ll never be enough.
That’s the power of cash,
That’s the power of cash.


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