Day Nine – visual poems/calligrams

Day Nine is asking for visual poems/calligrams.

Nice idea and, if I had not come home at 7pm from work tonight, maybe I could have been tempted to experiment (though it would have been a faff with the layout in wordpress…) However, following my decision not to beat myself up and do what I had to do to meet the challenges, here we go:

Visual or risible?
I could write a poem that’s shaped like a sock,
a starfish, a rocket, a grandfather clock.
Perhaps manufacture a 3D delight,
a word-based construction of dizzying height.
I could write some ‘snail’ words, describing a spiral,
tweet a disease-verse and hope it goes viral.
Or ‘cast’ concrete poems, build up a town
constructed from adjectives, adverbs and nouns.
Unfortunately, finding myself short of time,
I plumped for a bog-standard layout, with rhyme.


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