Day Eight – Palinode

The Day Eight challenge is to write a palinode (nope, me neither) which apparently is a retraction of a thought expressed in a previous poem. Sorry, still not quite getting it!
However… having procrastinated for too long over my day seven offering this, in actual fact, can be seen as a gift! I didn’t agree with the sentiments, so I now have a chance to turn it around.
If I have got the wrong end of the stick with both days then it’s no biggie, as long as I have done something in the spirit and caught up again!
The Danger of Cash
Emotional wealth is the critical thing,
Makes spirits soar, and my happy heart sing.
Won’t shrink your soul to a nugget of trash.
Creeps up and grabs you – that’s the danger of cash.

Don’t need no money, I don’t crave fame.
No lack of credit card will douse this flame
Of loving, and of giving, and of spreading joy.
When you lose sight of that,
It’s the danger of cash,
It’s the danger of cash.


2 thoughts on “Day Eight – Palinode

  1. I wasn’t inspired by the money prompt either, but I think you did that one right. And it gave you this opportunity for a great palinode! I like it and as far as I’m concerned you got it right both days!

    • That’s very kind, thank you! I am still struggling to keep up with the challenges, so as yet I haven’t managed to take a look around and see what everyone else is doing. I am sure this must be easier if you don’t do it in such isolation – oh for an extra hour in the day…

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