Day Six – Aubade

Day Six challenge was to write an aubade. Got a bit hung-up on Larkin’s and so found it hard to start – who can compete with Larkin and his mastery of form?
The other thing I had in mind was Kiki Dee singing ‘Amoureuse’.
I then read some other examples and felt a tad less daunted and could see a contemporary angle. So it’s all about a dawn poem and a lover leaving, with a bit of rhyme thrown in. I can do that…

Encore une fois
I wake, dry-mouthed,
to the five a.m. half-light:
tight head pounding,
guilt rising like bile.
All the while
I sense breathing,
catch the scent
of a different skin.
My stomach burns
and I half-turn,
ease myself from the sheets
and streak for the bathroom.
Doubled over the bowl
I wait, shaking,
as he wakes.
Footsteps stop
at the door,
and I catch my breath,
hear the front door latch.
They burn inside, unnamed:
a temporary lover,
my lasting shame.


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