Day three – a fourteener. Aaaarrgghh!

Having a lazy day, as I have to rest my knee, so time to catch up I think!
A ‘fourteener’ was the prompt and this one realy threw me. For some reason I just couldn’t get into it at all. Never come across the term before but the example reminded me of ‘There’s a Green Eyed Yellow Idol…’, so a storytelling sort of poetry form.
I think the constraints of the long line length and the rhyming couplets are what I struggled with, oh and the storytelling – all of it basically!
To be honest it really became quite contrived as I was just writing for the rhyme – hence the birthday card style and strange choice of words! Ah well, onward and upward.

The course of true love never did run smooth, or so they say,
But I thought ours was running pretty smoothly, all the way.
So when I started sensing that you might have other plans,
I tried to fool myself: pretend you were my perfect man
by overlooking problems and ignoring friends’ advice,
I closed my mind to common sense and let you roll the dice.
I dreamed of a happy ending, a fairytale come true,
But you were no Prince Charming and eventually I knew
That I’d been trapped, by ignorance, within a life of fear,
And fear of being on my own was all that kept me near.
You sapped me of my confidence and left me feeling weak
I had no hope of any change, my prospects looked so bleak.
But one day I dug really deep and finally I ran,
Left no clues, did not look back , and a whole new life began.
There’s still no happy ending, there may well never be,
I’ve turned my back on fairy tales and now believe in me.


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