Day two – star/constellations

Day two then, and the challenge is to write about stars or a constellation. I apologise in advance for this one!
After my day one poem I had limericks dancing through my brain and so it was inevitable that I would write one.
When I looked at the listings, I was reminded of the wonderful names of stars and constellations and some of the myths behind them. The first constellation I came across was Camelopardis, the giraffe, which I was charmed by the thought of.
Unfortunately flippancy won out over creativity and romance (sounds like the story of my life!) and I ended up with this:

In search of a star group, or two,
I called up the new Doctor Who.
He programmed the TARDIS
for Camelopardis
And I sat back, in awe of the view.

Let us hope that day three finds me a little more inspired!


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