Day One – finally!

Okay, so I managed to get a poem out with the early prompt. Now I find myself a bit behind already, so here goes for the first one proper and thank goodness I have a long weekend ahead, with catch-up potential!
Prompt one is a poem of negation. OK, so I have to describe something in terms of what it’s not.
Easy Peasy??? Not so much. I think the key is finding the right subject and that’s where I stalled. Had several goes at this, not too happy with any because it’s such a difficult subject to choose I suppose, so have decided to keep it short and just go with it. Let’s hope for a cheery limerick tomorrow!!


It’s not like real life,
or any life at all.
There is no brave battle,
no graceful end,
just a slow sapping
of everything precious.
It is relentless
and it is not fair.
It offers no mercy,
no remission,
no hope.


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