NaPoWriMo2015 first post – early doors!

Napowrimo2015 – day one. Whoopee!!!

The (extra) prompt, to get us off to a flying start, was to do a poem based on the example by Bernadette Mayer. She apparently represents the style of the New York School. Hmmm I vaguely remember this one from last year but I am still none the wiser…

Ah well, I shall have a bash. I can’t get excited about living somewhere different, but (because of having mobility issues) it occurs to me that in my head I always wanted to dance, but couldn’t. When I hear music I imagine dance routines and, although I blame Strictly to a large extent, I decided to go with that. Not too excited about the repetition and style but not going to let it faze me. Think this may be a truncated version though…

Dance Away…

I suppose it’s too late now to be a great dancer
I suppose it’s too late now to dance
I suppose it’s too late now to start dancing
I suppose it’s too late now to even learn some moves
I don’t suppose I even have the grace of a dancer
I don’t suppose that dancing would ever have been the sensible option
I suppose it’s hard to make a living as a dancer
I don’t suppose we would even fit together as dancers
I think dancers need more discipline than we have
We couldn’t even master a basic routine for our wedding
I have seen some amazing dances on YouTube
Couples moving in perfect synchronicity
Obviously they put in a lot of effort
I think we suffer from a lack of commitment
We are human, we are not dancers
My body thwarts all creativity
Pain traps choreography
I can’t even dance like no-one’s watching
But, in all of my dreams,
I still dance


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