NaPoWriMo 2015 is nearly here!

Okay, so a new year, a new challenge and (predictably) I have written practically zero since last year.

Last night I actually managed to write a poem for a friend’s wedding next week, which I am pleased about – invariably writer’s block strikes at the most important times!

Looking back, never has a book blog been more aptly titled than ‘a little about books’ since it has remained unused for nearly a year – ah well, been too busy reading them to write about them.

Really looking forward to this year’s challenge. Read a couple of the poems I wrote last year and surprised myself, as I didn’t recognise them at all, or even my voice in them – weird! Though I always tell people in workshops to put work away for a while and revisit it, I rarely do. Who knows – maybe this year I will carry on writing into May – here’s hoping!

If you are sharing ‘the journey’, either as a reader or participant, then welcome. Hope you like what you read or it makes you think. Either way, I look foward to your virtual company!


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