This week I am mostly reading…

Having had a few blogs about different things, I have decided to start a new book review stand-alone one. I guess it’s mainly for my amusement, but I have started reading some amazing books, as a result of twitter recommendations and proof copies, so if I can help someone else to have the same experience then it has to be a good thing!

My NaPoWriMo site can be resurrected ready for next April, but I am fortunate enough, despite being a miserably slow reader, to have a number of brilliant new books to read, both the lovely physical type and the kindle versions, which  weirdly I seem to read faster on! I daresay it’s because I can’t go back and check names or details because it;s such a faff so I just plough on – that backfired with The Rosie Project, however, where I was left a bit befuddled at the end, by the ‘reveal’. Ah well, no great chore to re-read…

Since my old kindle is flatly refusing to connect to the wifi, I had to go and buy a new Paperwhite a couple of weeks agao and I am well impressed, I must say.

Anyway, enough preamble, I shall commence by first book review imminently, but no doubt will be sidetracked by life and include videos of my dog ‘twerking’ at some point.

Hasta luego – have to meet a man about a blog. No, really.


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