Day 30 – the final one and will I take the easy option? You betcha!

Day 30 – the final day and I have unbelievably managed to meet the challenge this year! I am massively proud and delighted to have succeeded.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has been foolhardy enough to visit, like, follow or comment on anything I have written this year – your support has helped me massively,
Think I will try and keep it short and sweet after last night’s mega post!

Am determined to keep writing, whether poetry, prose, blogging or whatever, after this is complete, so please feel free to visit to make sure I do and help me out.

Otherwise, good luck with your own creative endeavours, sorry to be a rubbish (or non-existent) follower and I look forward to catching up with you next year.
Here goes nothing for the final challenge – a poem of farewell. Am left with the thought that, sometimes, you really have to love haiku!

You just said goodbye
and something receded, bright,
like a dying star.


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