Day 28 – Oh yes!

Day 28 and I am grateful that this is nearing the end, as the last few prompts have been far more challenging for me. I think if I had faced these at the beginning I could well have faltered!

Today’s prompt is to find a news article and use the words, in any order and adding more if necessary, to create a poem.

I suppose I get a bit disappointed with prompts like this because I feel that what comes out of them is never going to be very accomplished, because you end up with something that doesn’t make sense or feels cobbled together – if that makes sense?
Anyway, true to my determination to be kind to myself and not flog a dead horse, I decided to search for weird news. I duly found a report about a Moomin Café in Tokyo, where you could get a giant stuffed toy to sit at your table, rather than lunch alone. I have added several words, but it contains primarily the words of the article.

This recently-launched café in Tokyo
offers a selection of company over lunch,
available to keep you
from the drawbacks of dining alone.
The staff are all stuffed animals:
they speak when needed,
but other patrons try to nick your chips.
They dilemma is that they
can’t give you relationship advice,
but have a range of toys available.
Moomins offer customers the extra chance
of sharing their photos on social media.
The hippopotamuses,
modelled on solo characters,
think a hug is worth much more
than the standard 15%
but ask yourself,
how awkward you would feel?


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