Day 26 – Curtal Sonnets

We are finally up to day 26 and today we are being asked to do curtal sonnets. On the whole, I think I would rather poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick, but will have a bash.

Having looked at some examples am now totally confused as to what one actually is, so if it isn’t what it’s supposed to be then I offer you a Klingon response of your choice!

Thought I would have some fun with this, though I don’t feel terribly into the form, so went with a food theme. Came from an honest place as I got a new jar of Marmite (other yeast extracts are available) today, after a month of a supermarket own brand mistake and am unnecessarily excited!
Weird form – not loving it!

I’m sorry, Marmite, great to have you back,
it seems you’ve been away for far too long.
I can’t believe I bought another brand,
Who would believe I’d go so far off track?
Mea culpa – I know I was so wrong,
Beelzebub himself controlled my hand.

Although I have strayed so far from the fold,
Nothing else tastes quite as good on my tongue.
Supermarket alternatives are bland
and I so miss the one with flecks of gold.

Hate it? I don’t understand…


2 thoughts on “Day 26 – Curtal Sonnets

  1. perhaps the curtal sonnet is like marmite – the first time you try it, it seems like somebody’s idea of a sick joke, but then it grows on you …

    • Good point! I found the form really tricky whereas Marmite, by comparison, is rather sticky!
      I do really miss my sparkly breakfast toast, now I can’t get the Gold version 😦
      Should be a permanent addition. Thanks for the commenbt!

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