Day 25 – Anaphora

Day 25 (getting there!) and the prompt is to write a poem using anaphora.

Two days to catch up on again, as I was out last night.

I went to see “The Drifters”. I Use the inverted commas advisedly because, to my mind, they were essentially a tribute act. Don’t get me wrong, they were all really good singers and the show was great but they’re not The Drifters, since they’re all in their 30s I would think. Also they strangely sang hits by the O’Jays and a weird Bond theme medley, which was rather random. There is something about live music and singing, however, which somehow refreshes the spirit. Anyway, I digress.
I struggled to get this started so will keep it short:

The taste of Spring awakens deep sorrow.
The taste of sorrow evokes a deep-rooted anger.
The taste of anger rends my carefully-constructed veil of calm.
The taste of calm is tainted by defeat.
The taste of defeat is one I haven’t yet accepted.
The taste of acceptance masks barely-concealed anguish.
The taste of anguish leads me back to you.
The taste of you…


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