Day 24, masonry/architecture

Day 24 and we are on the home straight!

The prompt today is to write about masonry, architecture etc. My goodness, this is a challenge! Strangely it’s not something I have any particular interest in, or knowledge of!
I have just started a new blog tonight, for another project I am working on ( which is concerned with writing about food, so I suddenly have to drag my head from breads to bridges! (Please come and get involved if you like food blogging, stories or poems, by the way.)
Ah well, here goes nothing. I apologise in advance for any glaring discrepancies in mixing building styles, building styles/periods, or indeed any veering from common sense or even possibility!

Consider this my folly, in so many ways…

Art astounded me,
I aspired to aesthetic apogee,
architectural fantasy.

I built a bolthole from basalt,
a basilica of beauty,
all balustrades and bevelled edges.

I contrived cornices,
curves and Corinthian columns,
but cut too many corners…


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