Day 23 – Homophonic translation

Day 23 and today’s prompt is a homophonic translation (thankfully not homophobic, as I first read it!!!) I chose a language I have no knowledge of, so it wouldn’t affect the exercise.

It’s a strange thing to do, and I did think I might have problems, but luckily I got a poem I could work with. What a strange result, but I kind of like it!

Using the site link, I chose the following poem, in Swedish, by Lennart Sjögren:

Som i förbigående och med yttersta likgiltighet
utfärdas dödsdomarna
något mera långsamt men lika effektivt
fäller träden sina löv.

Ändå återstår förvåningen
över årstidernas förlopp
och ryktet om en hemlig benådning.

Here is my homophonic version:

Some I forgive, I mean, I taste like the guilty get.
Out, far from the door, morning.
I got more men looking affected,
fallen, trading in love.

And I, understanding, forgiving,
over-estimated for love,
reacted on a whim like beginning.

And here is the real translation:

As if in passing and with extreme indifference
the death sentences are passed
somewhat more slowly but with just as much effect
the trees shed their leaves

Yet it still remains, the surprise
at the course of the seasons
and the rumour of a secret pardon.


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