Day 21 (out of sequence!) – New York School

I am still working on days 19 and 20 – found them tricky and have had family visiting. Decided to post one I have actually finished, rather than fall too far behind!

The challenge for Day 21 is a New York School poem, choosing from a range of ‘ingredients’. It’s such a randomly long and varied list I felt as though anything I wrote would sound contrived and I don’t honestly know whether it would count as a New York School poem. I put a bit of rhyme just to offer structure, but varied line lengths.
I don’t mind saying this was a struggle for me, but here goes nothing!

August 16th and the sun is cracking the flags
so I head over to Central Park,
with a pastrami on rye in a paper bag.
The air smells sweet and heady
and I think I just could be in love with this city.
I’m so drunk with it that I feel unsteady,
as though the Dr Pepper has gone to my brain
making everything fresher, sharper,
like I’m seeing things as a child again.
Nothing can bring me down today,
I’m high on as a kite on NY
And there’s nothing anyone can say…
Say what? The King is dead?
And so the day turns, in a New York minute,
I drop my lunch in the bin instead.
The colour drains from everything,
seen again through jaded eyes,
but beneath my feet the grass still sings.


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