Day 20 – Up to date, but a bit of a cop-out

Once again I found it hard to get started on this one about writing in the voice of a family member – hence it being out of sequence – but I am determined to complete the challenge this year, and on time if I can.
Having tried, and stalled, several times to do this I think I am going to write about one of my own childhood memories, so a bit of a cop-out but at least in the spirit of the prompt.

Hmm, not one of my best but it brings me up to date!

A glass of orange squash and two Rich Tea biscuits, to dunk.
Sitting on the back step, sunlight streaming in,
showing up every mark on the tired lino.
I idly read a line or two of the newspaper
I have laid on my lap, but I have a job to do.
I pull out a shining pod from the musty paper bag,
thumbing the flesh in search of beans beneath.
I pop the top and a satisfying burst of juice
speckles the paper. I pull the pod apart,
sliding a curious finger into the furry inside.
Soon I develop a rhythm, and the colander slowly fills.
I scuff across the kitchen with the prize,
munch the last bit of biscuit,
scrunch up the discarded pod parcel
and wipe the back of my black-stained hand
across my orange-stained mouth.


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