Day 17 – senses

Day 17 then, and the challenge is to write something using three of the five senses.

As usual, not sure where to go with this one but started thinking of my nan. She had dementia, as my mum does now – she is 94 and lives with us now, so we see everything on a daily basis rather than once every few months.

This is reminiscent of a real moment, though with some artistic licence naturally.

I’m getting notes of violet,
the heady scent of musk ,
mixed in with tones of naphthalene
and wisteria at dusk.
I’m also tasting mildew,
dried fruits past their prime,
fruity-flavoured jellies,
the bite of chocolate limes.
I see again the hoarding
and everything mismatched,
a life well past it’s sell-by date,
clothing, worn and patched.
And once again, I hear you,
a shot of clarity
cutting through confusion,
remembering me.


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