Day 16 – lies!

Oh dear, how things slip so quickly!

I have family visiting, plus my (94 yr old) mum has not been so well and she lives with us. I was at Gary Barlow on Monday and James Blunt Thursday. My music taste notwithstanding, it has been a tricky week for me! Luckily it’s Easter and I can play catch-up!!!!
Day 16 then, and the prompt is to write a 10 line poem where each line is a lie. For reasons unknown I chose to go with a food theme.

Asparagus is tangerine in colour,
The quality of beetroot is not strained.
Mango is the perfect match for mushroom
and artichokes taste better when it’s rained.
Always add some pilchards to your porridge,
sprinkle sugar liberally on beef,
Blueberries are nice, when served with chilli,
Wrap banana in a cabbage leaf.
End with cheesecake, and some egg fried rice
Washed down with treacle, ice and a slice.


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