Day 14 – questions…

Went to see Gary Barlow last night, in Manchester, so had an evening off!
Hmm, quite a challenge this – every line has to be a question bar the last, Again, my concern with these things is that they can sound rather contrived. Ah well, let’s have a bash.

Writing this bit in retrospect, not sure where this one came from – spooky!

Ten things you shouldn’t ask at a séance

So, how did you feel in that final moment?
Did you realise that was your last breath, and did you breathe extra deeply, to take it all in?
Was there really a white light waiting?
If your life flashed before you, did you focus on the good things or the bad?
Oh, and how long did it take?
Did you have to relive all the stupid, embarrassing little moments, or just the major life-changing ones?
Was there a point when you asked yourself if you were just buying in to all the clichés?
How can people die young or old, yet still age in the spirit world?
How did you know I would come to this cold hall tonight in search of answers?
Why would you chose this evening, in a roomful strangers, to tell me that you loved me?
Regret, like grief and anger, is sometimes better left unresolved.


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