Day Twelve – substitution

Day twelve brings substitution.

Oh rats! This is the sort of challenge that I really struggle with, to be honest, like taking someone else’s poem and changing lines or words. I couldn’t really find a tangible thing that yielded interesting results, like the example, then opted to play safe and use ‘love’ as the intangible. On reflection, however, I changed it for grief instead, to try and write something different, as there have been a couple of love poems already.

Okay, so here are some (slightly edited/adapted to fit) facts about trees, now amended to be about grief:
There are over 23,000 different kinds of grief in the world.
Grief can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.
Grief is a highly organized arrangement of living, dying, and dead cells.
Grief is included in most religions. Some hold certain grief sacred; others use grief to help teach beliefs.
So where to go with this one? Not really sure, just using it as a jumping-off point I think – being kind again and not trying too hard!

First, test your grief against a shade card,
maybe take a tester.
You need to be sure it’s just right
and that you can live with it.
Once you have decided
then soak it up, embrace it,
it has its own belief system
and mantras,
disregard them at your peril.
Your grief is symbiotic,
it has life and order,
day and night,
puts down roots deep within.
You need to remember
neither of you
can survive


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