Day Ten – advert

Okay, so day 10 is an advertisement poem. Gradually catching up.
Where to start? I suppose a product/thing is the way to go, and it probably has to be something I know about and like, otherwise it will be harder.
Washing up finished, Bond on in the background, mushroom stroganoff bubbling away on the hob and a nice glass of Cusqueno beside me – here we go!

Looking round the kitchen for inspiration, I spy(the vegetarian version I was without for seemingly ages! As this is not one of my favourite kinds of things, I shall stick with my ethos and keep it short:

Have your tastebuds gone to sleep,
Craving flavours rich and deep?
Your cheese on toast seems sad and blue,
You make bland sauce, and watery stew,
Just shake on gently, pour it quick –
Worcester sauce gives food a kick!


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